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Cryogenics and pill-popping: Meet the middle-aged men desperate to cheat death

'The only limit to mortality is the eventual heat death of the universe'

Dad and son on treasure hunt find dead body in abandoned home

A father and his 23-year-old son discovered a corpse inside an abandoned building in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Mum-of-two dies after suddenly falling sick on flight

A 41-year-old woman fell suddenly ill on an American Airlines flight from the Dominican Republic to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thieving conwoman jailed for smuggling drugs into prison via a kiss

Abigail George also pretended to be a chiropodist in order to rob a vulnerable pensioner.

Putin ordered secret service to stop Navalny’s funeral turning into insurrection

Thousands of people attended Navalny's funeral in Moscow.

Dramatic moment driver lifted to safety from lorry dangling off bridge

A driver was pulled from a semi-truck that crashed through the Clark Memorial Bridge guardrail and hung over the Ohio River.

Dozens injured in 15-car pile up on major motorway

At least 15 vehicles were involved in the harrowing incident.

Humpback whales seen having gay sex for the first time ever

Mating between the massive mammals has remained a mystery for decades until it two males were seen having sex for the first time ever off the coast of Hawaii

Man killed ‘as he went to pick up his morning paper at London station’ pictured

The pensioner was killed in an 'unprovoked' attack.

Bird feeder cam captures hilarious pictures of animals enjoying midnight feast

Racoons, deer, skunks and even a pair of turkeys have turned up for a snack.

Gunmen on moped opens fire in Clapham Common, injuring three

Multiple police vans and cars can be seen outside the Tube station.

Galloway says he despises ‘little’ Rishi Sunak after PM claims he ‘supports Hezbollah’

'You talk as if this is God. Weare talking about little Rishi Sunak, in the fag end of his prime ministership.'

China debuts ‘floating’ magnetic train which could travel faster than speed of sound

Talk about magnetic force.

School forces children to eat outside for their mental health and parents aren’t happy

'They are being treated like monkeys in a zoo.'

Here’s how to appeal your child’s secondary school placement

Some parents might be disappointed when they find out what secondary school their children have a place at

Iceland boss ‘delighted’ after Aldi launches cheapest baby formula yet

Could we see costs of baby formula drop even more?

Experts warn this charging mistake could fry your phone

Might want to stick to wired chargers.

Police officer ‘off sick with a bad back’ caught playing rugby by colleagues

Officers travelled to Cardiff to watch the officer play rugby.

Lottery winning taxi driver reveals his most extravagant buy

His love of motors began 30 years ago while stationed at RAF Leuchars.

The secret to a long life has now been revealed

Who needs a serum?

Inside the APS47,000,000 superyacht with its own secret indoor pool and cinema

Videos and photos of the palatial behemoth reveal a life of seaborne luxury few in the world can afford

Killers who tortured and starved a woman to death jailed for at least 34 years

Shakira Spencer, 35, died following a asadistica campaign of abuse.

Warning: this sex toy can give your computer an STI

If you can't trust a sex toy, what can you trust?

Killer’s dad moans he’s out of pocket after paying for victim’s engagement ring

'Jealous and insecure' Kashif Anwar pushed Fawziyah Javed off Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh while she was carrying his child.

Map shows countries with the highest rates of obesity

'These figures will be as alarming to parents as they are to the NHS.'

Boy, 11, killed after being hit by a bin lorry while riding his bike

The boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Inside the abandoned water park left to rot after being buried in sand

The resort used to be a popular family destination.

Woman reckons fox at side of road is a dead puma

Big cat experts also claimed it was a puma.

Russians chant ‘Putin is a killer’ in biggest act of defiance since war began

They believe Putin was behind the Russian opposition leader's death at an Arctic penal colony.

Thomas Kingston died from ‘traumatic head wound’ with gun near his body

Mr Kingston, 45, husband of Lady Gabriella Windsor and son-in-law of the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, was found dead on February 25 in the Cotswolds.

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